Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22

It has been kind of a crazy day.  I went into work for a staff meeting at 7am  and then went back to cover the unit at 1pm, so another gal who was working could go to the next staff meeting.  She lives out of town and didn't want to have to come back in tomorrow.  It snowed most of the day and the roads have been slippery at times.  Now it is to get cold tonight and I am sure those roads will go to very icy. 
In between times going to work I have been in my scrap space reorganizing and cutting up some old papers and going to make envelopes with them.  Trying to make some room.
I don't have any project to share so I will share a family photo from having a good time in Disneyland in September.  Would rather be where the temperatures are warmer and no snow!

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