Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2014!  Excited for a new year!  Sad, as I had to send my baby back to Seattle today!
We had a case of the missing sock!  She did some laundry before flying out today and was missing one sock.  We went through her laundry!  Took the sheets off the bed!!!  No sock.  Guess what popped right out of the dryer when I took those sheets out?  Voila!  The missing sock.  Will put it in an envie and get it back to her.
Spent the morning with Cait.  Kirsten was here for a bit doing some applying for jobs.
Here is a photo of my Two girls from Christmas Eve.

After we took Cait to the airport I did some shirt ironing, while watching Epic.  I actually scraped a layout!  We ate leftovers for dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine with it.   Now having a relaxing evening. 

Cait is safe back on the coast and life will return to normal.  
Christmas decorations coming down tomorrow!


Tracy said...

So happy you got to spend the holidays with your girls :)
I have a small bag of mismatched socks…I am so impressed with the hunt you put on for one sock, teehee :)
Was going to take the tree down today…but ran out of energy

Nat said...

sounds like you had a very nice Christmas! Missing socks are always an issue around here. I asked my hubby to make me a sign to close-peg the single socks that reads "clean, single, looking for a mate"! :)