Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11

Not much to share on my blog today.  I did finish up a layout, but it has been so cloudy to get a photo of it.  I also worked on catching up Cooper's album.  It is being done with pocket pages, so I don't have to make layouts of everything and can keep up on his first year.  It has been going well and I make layouts of special photos.  Got caught up with all his photos through Christmas.

It is also CHA time, which is the big craft and hobby show.  Tim Holtz has these new scissors.
These will be on my wish list.  I have his shorter ones and they are so awesome.  I can bet these will be just as fantastic.

And after arranging with my manager that I could possibly take tomorrow off work that will not be happening.  I guess they have been admitting like crazy, so I will be going in once again.  I will be rolling in dough!  And to think I am registry working full time hours.  I must be crazy!!!!!


Nat said...

these scissors look awesome, love the shorter ones too! :)

Tracy said...

These are on my list as well.