Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's a Happy Birthday Day!

January 29th, seven years ago, Harlee came into our lives.  She was born with pixie dust and remains our little princess!  This post is all about you!
She is sweet.  She does well in school.  Still missing lots of teeth.  She is lot like her auntie.
She likes to do art projects.  She is currently a Girl Scout.  She is also doing cheer leading.  She loves to read.  She can be kind of a picky eater. She loves to be a mother to her baby brother.  And she makes him giggle.   She is still petite, but look at those long gangly legs.  She has beautiful eyes-the same as her auntie.  She loves to come to Nana's.
And we love her to death. She loves Disney as much as the rest of us!
How can she be seven, already!  Those years have flown by. 

It's been an interesting afternoon.  Kirsten brought the kids here after school.  Around dinner I went out to the garage and there was this hissing sound!  It was one of my tires!   We celebrated Harlee's birthday with cake and opening presents!  We skyped with Auntie Cait while she was opening gifts!  The princess was thrilled!  She liked seeing the Merida Lego on her cake!  The look on her face when I wheeled in her bike was priceless!  Kirsten and Tim's good friend, John came to change the tire.  And he also took them home for me.  It is snowing like crazy after raining all morning!  And then my dish washer door wouldn't latch!  I knew it was the top shelf.  Kirsten took the dang thing out and put it back in and voila, it shut!  Why do these things always happen when Curtis is on the other side of the state!


Tracy said...

Such a lucky girl to be so loved :)
Happy Birthday Harlee :)

Dad {!-{> said...

Of course they happen when I am gone...that's the way I schedule them!!! {!-{p

Nat said...

Such a beautiful girl inside and out!!! :) Wishing you a princess perfect birthday!! :)

S said...

Happy belated birthday to Miss Harlee. You have some real gem photographs there to scrap. She is a doll.

Tracey said...

Brings back memories...great photos!