Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16

Another day and another dollar!  Yes, I was into work again!  But, just for 3 hours to cover or a gal who had a morning!  The other day I had someone ask if I would over for a shift in June.  Oh, my, gosh----I can't even think about June in January!  But by then we are closer to nicer weather!

I visited my friendly dermatologist.  I ran to Target and the post office.  I got my floors vacuumed and wood ones wiped off.  

I have been busy sorting through our Disneyland photos.  I took photos.  Curtis took photos.  And Kirsten took photos.  And there are also some off our photo pass.  I have gone through them all and now have to upload them somewhere and get them all printed out.  And then the joy of getting them into an album.

Kirsten and Cooper were here before I headed off to work.. she got a call from the school to pick up Nic because he was not feeling well.  And Cait has bronchitis.  She went for a visit to the doc today and is now loaded up with meds and hopefully soon on the mend.   I hate her being so far away when she is sick.  And Curtis called to see if I minded if he stayed in Missoula to get his work done, rather than putting in another long, long day.  

A layout of Cooper from the holidays.


Tracy said...

Your layouts are all so perfect Leslie, stunning.
Great photo as well :)

Tracey said...

Just Beautiful Leslie.....the photo is adorable and the title is PERFECT!

cait! said...

I am very talented at being sick and far away. c:

Nat said...

perfect caption for this super sweet little one. love the soft santa hat and little details like the truck! awesome :) Hope you are doing good and keeping warm :)

S said...

That is a darling photo and you've scrapped it wonderfully.