Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23

Spent a lot of my day with Kirsten and Cooper.  We went out to Target to get diapers and wipes.  Also found a winter coat for Harlee for next winter.  It is purple, which she will love and it was half price.  They didn't have any in Nic's size, but we did at least got snow pants to put away.  And lots of gloves. Nic loses his like crazy.  Lately he has been wearing two different ones.  And gotta couple of cutie things to put away for Harlee's birthday next week!!!!!  
Got my floors vacuumed off.  And I will most likely be working tomorrow!

I have been playing with this tool today.

Cut some very old papers up like this

And ending up making lots of these.  
I like to send my cards in custom envelopes.


Tracy said...

Awww such a sweet photo :)
I love my envelope maker.
My friend was over last friday and refused to believe that the measurements would work.
So I made an envelope for her, and she was pleasantly shocked, lol.
I think she made 20 envelopes that night, lol.

Tracey said...

Wow....I need one of these! I love to make custom envelopes too, but never seem to have the time. This looks like it would make the job at lot easier!

S said...

What a great use for older papers - I need to get on that!

cait! said...

I love getting cards in customer envies! c: