Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2

Today Christmas decorations came down and packed away in their boxes.  I did leave my snowman village up as it is still winter. I will take it down at the end of the month.  It always amazes me when everything fits back in the boxes and on the storage shelves!
Got the wood floor wiped down.  It is so sad to have it all packed up.  Until next Christmas.
Then I got a phone call from work to let me know I would be working tomorrow.  I had no idea I was working.  Misread the schedule, obviously!  So, I will be getting a few hours in.  And thankfully I am feeling better!

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Tracy said...

Took down our Christmas decor as well.
All except for my winter scene….but I think it was because I had no energy left to do it, lol.