Monday, February 16, 2009

????Terrible Twos

How can someone so innocent and sweet looking turn into a negative, stubborn monster on a turn of a dime. Enjoy the perfect moments.
Nana and Harlee are spending the day together, while the rest of her family have gone to Billings for Tim's work. Spending 6 hours in the car isn't Harlee's idea of fun.
Having a day with Nana is more up her alley.
She loves her dancing skirt that Auntie Cait made her. Dance, dance, dance.


cait barrow said...

She is such a little ham. I love her so much. O_o
I hope you guys have a good day together, and I love that she loves her skirt, that absolutely makes my day!

cait barrow said...

Also, my friend Val thinks I look just like you. :D
I was showing her pictures of you with Harlee and photos you and Dad posted on your anniversary, and she thinks that you and I look like twinsies. <3

Tina said...

Two year olds are the best, huh? She's adorable, though! Can't imagine anything negative coming out of her!