Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Solstice!

Yesterday was winter solstice! The longest day of the year!  I am happy to get passed that and move to longer days.  We celebrated!  We took the "big" grandkids to see Moana after school!  The get out early on Wed.  It was a good way to start off their Christmas vacation.  I enjoyed the movie and so did the littles!  It took a while for Nic to get into it at the beginning.  

Curtis got back from the Flathead and since I had been without a car for almost 3 days I had some errands to run, as you can imagine.  I ran to one if the quilt stores to pick up a pattern I want to make.

Most expensive pattern I have ever bought!!  Good thing I had a full punch card to turn in to help defray the cost!  But I know a couple of people that would really like this all finished up!  

As Christmas gets closer adding last minute touches.  Got all my cleaning finished up.  Cait arrives later this evening from Seattle.  Everyone is excited to see her. Will have the grandkids tomorrow while their folks are working.  And need to visit the grocery store for some last minute things.  And a big winter storm is predicted for Christmas Eve.  

Need to share a snap of Mr. Nic.  He loves ties!  This one was in the advent calendar for him!  And so was the decoration he made. It's a hard time of year for him.  

Another travel layout.  This one features me with my blogging friend, Tracey, (trace-elementz) who I got to meet up with during our adventure.  How cool was that???

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