Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Week

I believe Monday's eclipse has dominated the week thus far! Curtis and Toots drove south to Idaho where they would experience totality. Curtis managed to scout out one last hotel room in Butte for outlandish
Price of $172. St least it wasn't the $1000 room in Dillon!!!
They had a good adventure despite all the traffic when they were leaving!

Pictures thanks to Curtis!

I elected to stay at hone and watch it from my backyard. Gosh! We only had 90% totality here! Kirsten brought the boys over and we were all decked out in our eclipse wear!

Not sure Coop knew what was happening but had fun anyways! The drop in temperature was quite noticeable and cool shadows were observed!

Yesterday I joined Kirsten and her minions and quite a few others for some back to school shopping.
Trying to keep track of them all is a feat! But, I think they are all ready to head back next week! And their mother wishes it was this week!

And believe it or not fall is just around the corner! Look at the leaves of this tree in my neighbour yard!

They are starting to turn!

Still smokey with all the wild fires and we've had no speakable rain!

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Lisa said...

Oh wow, what an amazing shot of the eclipse by Curtis!! Wow!! Gorgeous!! We had 90% here, too - still beautiful!! I can't believe it's time for the leaves to change. I don't want summer to be over!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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