Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reality Check

Yes, I am back in the land of the living. Just trying to get back on my old feet.
We got back Monday pm from our vacation and I was back to work Tuesday morning. Had Wed. off and worked again Thurs. and Fri. Have the grandbabies today and tomorrow, so Kirsten and Tim could fit a little camping trip in. They do wear me out.
Anyhoo, the cruise and land tour were wonderful. Curtis and I had a fabulous time. The weather couldn't have been better. So I shall post some pictures of this vacation.
While we were up there is was almost summer solstice and we were experiencing 22 hours of daylight once we reached Fairbanks. That is an unreal experience. Saw a fair number of critters. So here, I go.
The majority of taxis in Vancouver are Toyota Prius, and we took a ride to Canada Place where our boat, The Island Princess was docked. The Vancouver waterfront is very busy with float planes, sail boats and such. We sailed under the Lion Gates Bridge and on our way up the inland passage way to Alaska

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