Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Let's Backtrack a Little

Our 18 day cruise has almost come to an end. Tomorrow morning we arrive in Perth, Australia and disembark!
The weather has really been superb. The cruise wonderful! I feel so fortunate to have embarked on this adventure. It truly has been a trip of a lifetime and still a couple of weeks to go!
Lots of hacking and coughing on board, so we are staying somewhat isolated and washing, washing, washing our hands!
The naturalist on board has been a delight to listen to. A educated young lady, Chelsea, who loves what she does and us passionate about it!
Today I will post photo from the Bay of Islands, which is North of Auckland. Our first port.
We got on a boat here to go out to the Hole in the Rock! Lots of little islands to sail through. And they guarantee you will see dolphins.

Once we got out in more open waters it was a very rough ride! There people that were sea sick!

They are suppose to take you through that opening, but it was just too rough! But the colour of the water was exquisite! The waters were from the effects from the cyclone over Indonesia at that time.

The rest of the outings fir the day were cancelled.

Lots of Aboriginal art!

When we got back there was an awesome craft market across the road. We have learned to buy when we see because there haven't been that many opportunities for shopping.
We had a great little lunch of meat pies at a cute little cafe. Not that expensive, either. Our dollar goes pretty in New Zealand.

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Lisa said...

What an amazing trip!! Your pictures are stunning!! Enjoy the rest of your time and I can't wait to see more pictures!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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