Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Mayo!

No fancy Mexican dinner.  No margaritas!  Boring leftovers, but Harlee sure gobbled them up!

We have had a few summer like days with temps around 80F.  But this evening a cold front blew through that is suppose to bring cooler, more normal temps and rain.  Hung some laundry out today, which was nice.  Sure dries quickly.  

I worked a few hours yesterday afternoon.  Kirsten and her crew came here for dinner.  I had it all ready to go.  She barbecued and I made salad and dessert.  Nicholas did some grass mowing.  They are looking to earn some bucks for summer vacation.  Tim was busy trimming tree branches.   We got some out for garbage pick up today.  But we need to get some twine and bundle up the rest. I had got some popsicles for the kids to enjoy after they worked since the temps have soared right up there.  Cooper was excited he could have hot dogs for dinner.  One of his favourite food groups!!

Just a little layout I did of Nic and great grandma from a couple of years ago.
I like the blue and yellow.  

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Susanne said...

I like the blue and yellow too - and that wonderful photo. Well scrapped.