Thursday, August 18, 2016

More Destructive Storms

During the night.  It woke me up sometime after 12:30am.  The pinging on the eavetrough!!!  And where was our car?? Not in the garage.  Curtis bike was parked in the middle of the garage as he has been driving it.  There was hail again with this storm, some of it as big as ping ping ballls.  Kirsten's little car really got hit.  Curtis first moved our car under the tree, which without a doubt saved it.  As the storm abated you could see another one coming from the west.  So, I got Curtis to get the rig in the garage.  Thankfully that storm past north of us.  This storm just blew up out of no where.  Usually they are later in the afternoon or evening.  That makes the 4th hail storm for us this summer which is a rarity.  We called our insurance to come and check our roof and siding since it is all pretty new.

The last couple of days Kirsten and I have been busy in the kitchen doing some meal prep.  We did about 10 freezer meals yesterday.  And then today I made some chicken noodle soup from some turkey broth I found in the freezer.  Also some chili mac, 2 lemon zucchini loaves and a batch of peanut butter cookies.  Should be set fir a bit.  Kirsten made some breakfast sandwiches and pancakes for the freezer for her household.  

Have been busy those grandkids as they have been visiting family in Kansas 
City, MO.  Should be on their way back home tomorrow.  
I worked extra on Tues.  The unit was still busy and no one volunteering to come in extra.  That's what happens when the summertime is here.  Our nurses are expected to float all over the hospital when we are not busy.  But it is like pulling teeth trying to get extra help when we are busy.  Ok gang, this is suppose to work both ways!  No more work until next Friday, I have done my share of extra and covered the last two weekends.

Getting some tomatoes and peaches from OR, which I will be canning down for later this winter.
Today is 23 degrees cooler than yesterday, so very comfortable to be cooking in the kitchen and have the oven on.

Working on my Australia photos.
This first layout I used the map of Sydney harbor and cut up a postcard.
Used a photo of Ugg boots I took.  Yes, I brought a pair home - for Harlee.  They were so cheap!

The second layout is a photo riding the hop on, hop off bus.  
I used parts of a brochure and my ticket behind the paper.


Lisa said...

Oh gosh, the storms sound horrible. We had a ton of rain, but thankfully no hail. Your layouts are absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you arranged the details on both!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Lynette Jacobs said...

Sounds like a very scary storm. Your travel pages are lovely Leslee x

Tracey said...

Really enjoying your layouts, great photos! Did you buy yourself a pair of "Ugg Boots" ? I could not do with out mine in Winter! Hope you are over all those storms!