Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Latest Project!

,As you know, never a dull moment!  I have been talking about doing this for a bit and the other day just faced it head on.  We have a little alcove at the front door that has had fake grass on it ever since we moved in, eons ago.  It has been looking rough for the past few years.  So, I decided to get rid of it.  A little difficult to get rid of as it was tucked under some siding pieces.  Ok, now it is gone what to do??? I didn't really want more fake grass!  Kirsten and I headed onpver to Home Depot and got some textured paint.  And she sprayed it on.  It really didn't give that great of coverage, but it did make the step non slick.  

After I got a haircut on Friday morning , I visited Ace hardware to see what they might have to offer.  I had the assistant manager helping me since it was pretty early in the morning. I ended up with a quart of concrete paint, and he added some anti slip grit to it!  It now looks great and is non slip too!  Another project off my to do list!

Friday morning a call for help went out for work.  The last couple of times this has happened  
I have not been able to help out as I was gone.  So I texted my buddy at work and told her I was available both Friday and Saturday afternoons.  She took me up on my offer and then a few hours later texted to see if I could be available all day Sat.  They were short, it is summer and she wasn't getting much positive response.  So you can guess where I spent all day yesterday.  Gosh, it was busy in the NICU.  My legs were so tired last night.  But I did my good deed for the week and my co- workers were very appreciative!

Thursday morning, I took Curtis up to the airport for an Avis drive.  The sun was just getting up.  My view from the airport hill.  Still kind of hazy out, probably from the smoke!

Have started working on my Australia photos!  At last!
Had to have a second album for all the photos from this adventure.
Here is my starting page to the album.
The back ground paper was a gift from a friend!
I starred all the places we visited with acrylic stars from Elle's studio.
The kangaroo and koala were stickers I bought down under



Lynette Jacobs said...

Love your starting page of your Australia trip...can't wait to see more.

Lisa said...

Your layout is so beautiful!! And what a gorgeous picture, too!! Congrats on tackling the front alcove!! It looks awesome!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracey said...

You sound so busy......where do you find the time to scrap? Love the first Aussie page.