Monday, January 2, 2017

A Brand New Year! 2017

Here we are off into a brand new year! No resolutions or goals set here.    For us it meant a winter storm with snow, blowing and drifting!  It snowed all day!  And now we will get to experience bitter cold temps.  

The last week of 2016 proved to be sickly for the Barrow clan.  Cait came home sick from Seattle and managed to share her germs with all of us, except Harlee.  She managed to escape this round of crud.  

Despite being under the weather I managed to repaint Cait's old room.  It went from Granny Smith Apple Green to mostly cream- called Apricot Blossom.  And one salmon coloured wall- Social Butterfly.  Quite a change.  And it required two coats of paint going over that wild colour.  It was about time.  I've only had the paint for about a year and a half.  I needed someone to help move the heavy furniture.  There is a lofted bed with storage under it in that room!  Curtis says it goes with the house.   Yesterday we ran to Home Depot for base board.  Now if I can move the mountain to get it in place!  Cait put together a IKEA storage unit where I can keep my scrapbook albums.  And Kirsten and I already exchanged desks and now I have a smaller one for the room.  I can hardly wait to see the transformation.

Cait flies back today.  She has helped out a lot this week and she has recuperated.  She made dinners, while I was painting away.  I miss her terribly out in Seattle.  Will have to try and get out there more this next year.  I cooked up a turkey yesterday.  Sent some to Kirsten's house to have after she worked all weekend.  

Curtis and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this past week.  32 years together.  We went off to the movies to see Rogue 1.  Pretty ominous as it was the same day Carrie Fisher passed away and she made a cameo appearance in the movie.  And it even worked out it was cheap matinee afternoon at the theatre.  Cait joined us.  Cait also took me to see Fantastic Beasts on New Years Eve Day.  I don't think I have ever seen so many movies in such a short span of time.  

Hopefully I will get to blogging more frequently now I can use my IPad again and the holiday season is behind us.  Today the decorations start to come down.  Makes me sad.  But I now have a new TV for my craft space which I will enjoy.  Thank you Curtis.

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Lisa said...

Happy new year my friend!! I hope you are all recovered from the sickness. It's so hard to not feel well during the holidays. Good luck taking down the decorations :( It always seems so sad!! I miss my tree already :) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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