Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Long ., Hot Summer Days!!!

We are currently experiencing long, hot dry summer days.  Although I can see them getting shorter.  It used to be light when I got up from work and it is not anymore.  I know this since I just worked on Monday.

The grandkids came over yesterday to swim in the new pool that papa got for them.  It is quite a bit deeper than the little wading pool they had. (That one went to keep a puppy cool for the rest of the summer.)  Nic got himself a floating last week.  So Harlee had to have one too.  They look like inflated donuts.  Coop has a tiny one.  Anyway they seem to be having fun out the back.  Good thing it fits on the lower deck, because with a hill in our back yard, it makes it hard to put up a pool.

Just went with Kirsten and the boys for their well kid checks.  Poor Coop had to get his ears cleaned out and get 2 shots so he can go to preschool.  Kirsten will get him signed up mid August.

A lot of the state is on fire because it is so dry and hot.  We need rain desperately.  So far July is the 5th hottest on record and 6th driest.  Harvesting is early.  Last Sat. we drove west to Seeley Lake to visit their quilt shop as they were having their big birthday sale.  As we went through Lincoln, which is about 90 west of us you could see the smoke coming out of the mountains and they had a fire camp all set up.

And last week we finished up 3 weeks of swimming lessons with the grandsons.  Coop still won't jump off the side or the diving board.  But he did get in the water and paddle around.  I mean he is only 4.  


Lisa said...

What absolutely adorable pictures!! That pool looks like so much fun!! I hope you get the much needed rain soon. Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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Tracey said...

Helloooooo, how are you? The grandkids are having so much fun in the certainly sounds hot! Love the scenery shots too, hoping you get some rain soon!
ps. So I said to Paul the other night I've planned our next trip to the USA and Canada in my head. We fly into San Fran rent a through the napa valley, yellow stone on our way to visit you in Montana before flying to Toronto!
Keep those scenery shots coming...I need to do a sales pitch on him...LOL!

Tracy said...

Oh your grandchildren look to be having so much fun in your pool, such am awesome grandpa to get this for the kids :)
Lots of fires in BC this year again :(