Friday, March 6, 2009

It's My Day

Yes, it is my birthday on this cold March day. Snow on the ground after last night. But the sun is shining brightly.
Found this big pink lighted flamingo in my kitchen this morning and it will be going outside come warmer weather. I don't usually like this kind of stuff, but this flamingo has won a place in my heart.
Doing well after my wisdom teeth coming out on Wed. Was going to post pictures of my extracted teeth, but thought it might gross a person or two out. Watched Australia, which is an excellent movie despite the bad reviews. I highly recommend it and I think Curtis would too. He actually watched it with me.
Kirsten and the kiddos will be over to help celebrate my birthday and I have had a birthday call from Cait.


cait barrow said...

Haha that is the coolest flamingo! :D
I also made you a most fabulous of blog posts. I think you'll enjoy it. <3

mehmkefar said...

Happy Birthday again, Leslee. Love your special gift and I can not wait to see it greet me.podcat