Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just an Update

Has been a few days since I updated my blog. Cait will be getting after me.
Just not feeling great--have caught the crud everyone else in the family has had. Will have to build greater immunity to the grandkids bugs. For the most part, I have no voice. And am missing work, even though we do have a few babies now.
Been working on a prototype for my Mother's Day cards. So now I have my Easter cards and mother's days cards finished. I have a lot going on between now and then, so need to stay on top of everything.
Curtis got back home from the Flathead, late Wed. and he had the crud while he was on the road.
The weather has been bizarre this week with extreme cold earlier and now the weather bug is reading 60F. Unbelievable!
My Mother's Day card idea I got from Cards May 2007.


Mama Troubl said...

sorry.. guess we shouldn't have come over on your birthday

SixftPixy/Coleen Browning said...

I'm so sorry you're suffering with the bug, hope you're better very soon! Hope you don't mind me popping in on your blog, I'm sure you know how I found you!
I love the opportunity to see your work, you always inspire!
Get better soon! Coleen

Leslee said...

Glad you dropped in for a visit, you are always welcome.