Monday, March 23, 2009

West Coast Loot

Have been out walking and riding the bike this morning.
Supposedly off until the weekend, but did say I would work Tues and Wed as extra if we were busy at work. Hopefully the unit will call a little later and let me know what is up for the next couple of days.
Need a haircut desperately.
Anyway, Robyn wanted to know what was in the bag, and a few extras that I got too.


cait barrow said...

I hope you have fun with your loot! I had a great time helping you pick it out. :D I'm going to sort through my assignments for the next few weeks, write everything down, and then probably nap for a little bit. I was up later than I wanted to be last night. Talk to you later. Love you. <3

mehmkefar said...

Great bunch of loot, Leslee. The stamps are just awesome; especially the sayings ones. Thanks for sharing. I am as bad as a kid when it comes to not knowing what is in a bag.