Friday, April 17, 2009

On the Road Again

My sweetie is on the road again. He is not on the bike, but in the Pilot on his way to Fl.He was worried about following the snow system, that was here a couple of days ago and through Denver today. Also, he has been sick and didn't want to spend the week in FL taking Dayquil. He is in Scottsbluff, NE for the night--I think he said 684 miles today. But getting ready for his trip he found our little Nikon camera that has been missing since we went to Pheonix in the fall. And he couldn't find his cell phone for a while--packed in a bag. Just an FYI--he figured he has been on the road 10 weeks since he left on Jan 9th for Italy. And I counted there has been 14 weeks since then. I just wondered how we will get along in our little cabin on the cruise to Alaska?
It has been a great day here--I got out and trimmed all the shooting suckers off the trees.

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mehmkefar said...

Good heavens, Leslee, he has been gone alot hasn't he? It will be good for both of you to take that cruise. I would imagine you will be out on deck alot shooting away. I am so glad that he decided to take the Pilot.