Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools!!!

The weather has turned drastically.  From 75F. yesterday to around 50F today.  And that wind blowing was brutal.  I should know, as I was out walking in it.

Trying to get the financing all finished up for us to get a new roof.  As usual, it cannot just be an easy process.  Wanted to get it all tied up before we head away for 2 weeks.

Because by then it will be almost May.

Spent a little time in my crafting space.  Putting away.  Trying to finish up my first Hawaii trip from 2012.  I think there is only a couple more pages I need to finish and then it will be a wrap.  The grandkids were over after school.  Lining up when they can have their sleepovers as they are now on Spring Break.  Hopefully going to take the princess to see Cinderella tomorrow.

Going to see if I can get the pictures off my phone to add to this post. 

A few spring flowers braving the cold as I took my walk this morning.

I made some Easter cookies. They need to get iced. Maybe someone out in blog land would like to help.

A layout of a Hawaiin sunset on our cruise.


Lisa said...

The flowers are so beautiful!! And the cookies look yummy - even without icing!! Beautiful Hawaiian sunset!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracey said...

Beautiful layout, love the gorgeous sunset! Nice to see Spring is on its way...really pretty photos!

Nat said...

beautiful pictures of Spring and those yummy cookies have my sweet tooth craving a treat. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii sounds so beautiful! :)

Tracy said...

Your layout is beautiful…such a stunning photo.
Love your flowers coming up…we got snow here today :(
Those cookies look yummy even without the icing…but I am working backwards on catching up on your blog, so I have seen them iced and they look soooo good.