Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday, Curtis!

Today we celebrate Curtis' birthday! But not the way we wanted to.

He has been very sick and in the hospital since 2pm yesterday! I got a call at work yesterday to come and get him.

We were in the ER until about 2am this morning when he finally got admitted to a floor!

He has a cold since last Thursday, before we left Hawaii! He took me to work and I guess things fell apart! Just can't leave this guy alone to fend for himself.

He had a temp near 103! He had an upset tummy! He was SO dehydrated because he hadn't had fluids most of the day! And with all those issues it put his heart rate up and it was slow to come down so he got to spend the night and most of the day! They ran lots of test to rule things out. But we get to go home in the next 30 min!

What a way to spend a birthday!!!!

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Lisa said...

Oh gosh, I hope he is feeling much, much better and his fever has gone down. That is a horrible way to spend a birthday.

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Tracey said...

Wishing Curtis a speedy recovery...hope he is feeling better soon.

Susanne said...

I hope he is home and fully recovered by now. Bless his heart, that is no way to spend a birthday.

Nat said...

awe that's crappy, sorry to hear of the hospital visit. hope he' doing better!

Tracy said...

So sorry that Curtis wasn't feeling well, and on his birthday to boot… that does suck.
I hope he is on the mend.
Happy Be-lated Birthday Curtis