Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1 Has Arrived

And with it warmer weather.  Got all those tender plants watered as they are certainly not use to this warmer weather.
Spent most of my day with Kirsten and Cooper.  We were lookimg for some zuchinni plants to put in the garden. Last week we couldn't find any at the local garden centre.  We tried Home Depot and it was a no go.  So we came back to our local North 40 store.  One of Curtis camera club buddies works there for the summer and took us right to it.  

I swear there are a hundred onion bulbs in this planter because of this little twirp!  2 weeks ago he wouldn't touch a worm and now there like his best friend!  Oh, yes, he just peed all over my deck this afternoon!  The joys of potty training!  Boys!!!

This first layout is about our first cruise
Papers from Authentique

This second layout is from the tour we took in Bay of Islands


Tracey said...

Great photos Leslee....Oh know Potty training, brings back memories :) Boys will be Boys..worms and all!! Fabulous how you have documented the cruise! Its great seeing more photos. Winter has finally hit here this week..expecting lots of rain over the weekend!

Susanne said...

Great photos and pages, I especially like that first one. And I had to smile at your pee story - that's probably not the last one you'll have - boys, indeed!

Melissa Smith said...

Terrific photos! Great layouts! Boys will be boys!! Oh, my goodness - lol! Have a great day!