Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End of a Season!

Summer is officially done and we are onto fall.  Summer sure whizzed by thisnyear.  Autumn is my favourite time of the year!  It is sure feeling like fall today, rainy, cold and dull!  

I am finally feeling back to my old self, although get tired by the end of the day!
Visited the cardiologist on Tuesday and all the tests have been negative.  Probably never know what it was.  Could have been over tired, over stressed, or it could have been some kind of virus. My shouldwper blade that had been so sore through this, has miraculously cleared up.   But it is getting an MRI to check it out.  

I went out and got a nre fall wreath to decorate mt front door!  My old one was looking very tired!

I am backing to walking in the mornings and enjoying the show that Mother is starting to show right now.

One cute little card to celebrate fall!

I embossed leaves on vellum with clear embossing powder.


Susanne said...

Yes, fall is in the air around here too. Love the snaps and I am thinking I definitely need one of those swirly dies you used on your fabulous card. I see them being used all over the place.

Tracey said...

The Fall colours are so pretty! Love your super sweet card:) Happy to hear you a feeling better Leslee. Spring is in the air here......not much crafting happening, enjoying time in the garden. Have a great week!