Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Not the Weekend I Hoped For!!!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!
Curtis and I had planned to head to Seattle on Thursday morning.  But, I woke up having pressure from n my chest and head d to the ER instead.  They worked me up for a heart attack, which was all negative.  And sent me to see my cardiologist and have a Stress test.  Which I flunked majorly.  She started me on a beta blocker and scheduled me for a Cardiac cath on Friday.  Poor Cait was losing her cookies out there on the coast and coulsn't get back here quick enough.  And my cardia cath was normal, which. Means no vessels were blocked.  So, now I am back to square one looking for answers and don't geta visit with my cardiologist until the 28th.  

But, I enjoyed a great visit with Cait.  Trying to behave myself and not over do things.  And we put her back on the plane to Seattle this afternoon.  

I received great medical care.  Saw some faces on the different units I have not seen in a long, long time.

The hardest part is the anticipation and wondering what is wrong.  And laying flat  in bed for 4 hours after the procedure.  And having to pee and not able to get up!  As they continue to infuse IV fluids in me.  

And I stressed this guy out big time!  He hates hospitals, period!!!!!  But, it prompted him to go and get his bad knee taken care of.  

A layout from the Healesville Sanctuary near Melbourne.  The brochure is included behind the big photo.  


Lisa said...

Oh gosh, Leslee, I'm so sorry. I'm glad the heart attack and cardiac cath were normal. I hope they re able to figure out what was causing the pressure and get it taken care of. Keeping you in my prayers. What a beautiful picture of you and Curtis!! And gorgeous layout, too!! Thinking of you. Big hugs my friend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

Oh my that is scary!!
Good thing there isn't a blockage...I know why do they have to keep pumping the IV when you can't get up to pee!!! That is the worst part of this procedure.
Now I'm curious..as I have had this done a few times...did they give you the plug or clamp you down?
Hope they find out soon what is up with your heart.
Your layout is beautiful as always.