Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday!

But, we don't care much at this household!  We are really not football watchers!  We had Nic over for a while this afternoon.  I plan to bake them some Valentine cookies tomorrow. 

We are under a winter storm watch.  Snowflakes have fallen all day, but nothing accumulated on the sidewalk. How can that be???  The northwest part of the state, up where Curtis'dad lives and Glacier Park are expecting enormous amounts of snow.  Like 2-3 feet!  That is crazy!!  We are expecting a few inches. And it's still cold in this part of the state.  

The flickers were happy I went out and refilled the bird feeder and put out more suet blocks.  

Curtis had a long Avis drive yesterday as he headed down the road to Idaho Falls.  There weee some yucky roads to start his day and he didn't get back until aroud 8:30pm.  

Layout is from we did our tour in Brisbane, Australia.

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Tracy said...

That is on opposite sides of the weather...snow and then your beautiful layout :)
We don't watch much sports here...but Wayne wanted to watch the Super bowl.
Once the half time show was over and it looked like the one team was sure to win, he put on a
I'm sure the second half was much more exciting as the underdogs won in the end, lol.