Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Quick Trip to Many Glacier and Beyond.

Curtis made an appointment to do an interview for work, as today was when the guy was available. He asked me to go with him. So, early this morning we headed up to Many Glacier, which is in Glacier Park. For those who follow my blog and are not from MT, it is about 3 hours northwest of us, very near the Canadian Border(about 40mi). It is in the Rocky Mtns. and very spectacular scenery. It was a gorgeous day to make the trip, not too hot, not windy and the mountains were glorious and the water was so blue. The mountain wildflowers are starting to blossom. But there is still a significant amount of snow up there in the hills. Saw some wildlife- some moose, mountain sheep and a deer. The Target train cars made our day! Lots of photos, so I hope you enjoy them.

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mehmkefar said...

Some great shots, Leslee. Almost feels like I was right there enjoying the scenery.