Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home with Caitlin

It's been a whirlwind of a week since I last posted.
Worked last weekend and then again on Tues. & Wed, then headed out for Tacoma to pick up Caitlin for summer break.
Heading through Missoula it was again precipitating, only this time it was warmer and it was raining and not snowing. We broke the trip up this time and spent the night in Spokane. Was able to have dinner with Debbie P and 2 of her kids. Nice visit.
We headed out Friday morning and arrived in Spokane around 11am. Caitlin was mostly packed up.
She had planned to leave some things there with our friends, Lori and Mark (thank you so much.) And we got to see their lovely new house with a scraproom to die for.
Curtis was concerned we wouldn't get the rest of her stuff in our Pilot and we had not brought the car top carrier. But it did manage to fit, with a little room to spare. We also had a goldfish in tow. Long drive home yesterday. But it was gorgeous weather while we were out there. Even Mt Ranier, was in full view and the water reflections were unreal.
Cait is trying to unpack and if the lawn mower would behave, I would get the lawn mowed. Curtis is off on the bike.

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