Monday, March 21, 2011

In Search of the Elusive Snow Goose

Earlier in the weekend, Curtis and I had tried to make a run to FreezeOut Lake in search of the snow geese. This is about 45 min. northwest of where we live -towards the Rocky Mountain front. The snow geese stop there during migration to and from the Artic Tundra. I read in the paper the other day the numbers were increasing. They are a long lean flying machine. They are looking for open water and the grain fields. What a site to see hundreds of these birds in the fields eating. I tried to take some photos with my new camera. I am used to a longer telephoto on my P&S. Curtis got some decent shots with his bigger lens. Have included a photo from the internet to show what these birds look like closer up.


cait! said...

oooooooh! GEESE. you've joined the waterfowl bandwagon now!

mehmkefar said...

I heard that you were wanting a longer lens. These are nice, Leslee and I am so glad that you are enjoying your camera. Sounds like you might be returning for a shoot this weekend.