Sunday, March 13, 2011

Picture of the Week-#10

I didn't get my photo up from last week, but I did take one and just didn't get it posted. Have been down the last 24 hours with the stomach flu. Came home from work at 11am yesterday. Can't remember the last time I actually came home from work being sick. But it has been a doozy. Hopefully I am back on my feet and can move forward.

But isn't this teapot the cat's meow. Part of my birthday present from my good friend, Robyn, It is so me-the tea granny that I am. I love that she filled it with green ribbon--my favourite colour. Thanks so much.


cait barrow said...

This is tres fab! I wonder where she found it. :D

mehmkefar said...

I thought the tea pot was so you, Leslee. It was fun finding all those green ribbons too for my 'green loving' friend. I am so glad that you liked it. Perfect shot of the week. Now you might just need to have some tea to help your tummy recover.