Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A quick trip to Seattle

Sunday I helped Caitlin drive home to Seattle. When it is a long days drive it is always helpful to have company to pass the time. It was pretty foggy in places along the river when we started out. We stopped in Missoula for an IHOP breakfast and then just kept rolling. We stopped at a fruit stand in Thorp, WA. Just before you start to cross the Cascade mountains over to Seattle. We picked up some produce and and ice cream and headed back for the last 90 min. push. It was dinner time when we arrived. But we unloaded her rig. And took up some stuff from the garage since she just moved. We headed down to the ocean for a seafood dinner at Dukes Chowder House.

Crazy night for sleeping. First she woke me up to move since one of her slats under the mattress had moved and she needed to fix it. Back to sleep and then someone in the neighborhood was letting off loud fireworks! It was 7:30PT when I woke up. That is majorly sleeping in for me!

Yesterday was a day of running around! We started at IKEA. Cait says- we can just go there for a cinnamon roll for breakfast as it costs only a dollar. Ok. But when we got there- free breakfast on Mon. mornings. You got scrambled eggs, 2 sausages, fried potatoes and coffee. We still got a cinnamon roll. Breakfast for the 2 of us cost $2.00. Cheapest breakfast ever. IKEA you rock.
Then we headed to Impress rubber Stamps. Best stamping and crafting store. I love this place! You can pick up lots of terrific ideas. Wish I lived closer to take some of their classes.
Then we visited World Market and Kohls. A stop for lunch at Panera Bread, which was also free thanks to the USPS and me scanning mail.
A visit to Costco and the local grocery store and we headed back to her place.
I will be happy if she ever gets a place on one level!

We sat around for a couple of hours and then headed to the airport. My flight was at 8:30 and Curtis was at the airport at 11pm. A long couple of days for this gal. I had the magic ticket at the airport- didn't have to take my shoes off at security and I didn't have to pass through the body scanner.

Photo from the Seattle airport last evening.

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Lisa said...

What a busy couple of days you've had!! I so wish there were an IKEA close to me...what a bargain!! And lucky you at the airport!! It seems like I'm always singled out to have all the extra checks at security...I don't think I look like a terrorist...at least I hope not!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

Busy but sounds like fun to me :)
Ikea food, yummy :)

Laurie Unger said...

So glad you got to visit Impress! I NEVER get out of there without spending some serious time and dollars!

cait! said...

I'm glad you could come. Please come back anytime!! <3 <3

Nat said...

wow your one busy gal, all the details sounds wonderful!! :) I am craving a sweet treat with all the yummy food talk :) !!

Tracey said...

I love IKEA....15 minutes from me, which is great.Yep , we always buy the cinnamon rolls! Where do you get those magic tickets.....for some reason, I get it all when I'm at the airport, so many extra checks...bags searched. While the family looks on.