Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Winter is Arriving

OK, folks!  Here it is only September and we are under a winter storm warning with 2-4in of snow expected on the plains and lots more in the mountains.  They closed the road going to Logan Pass in Glacier National park yesterday, because of the snow.  Crazy, right???  And I know Calgary, Alberta just to our north received snow already.  For now, we have just had rain but the temperature out at 10:00 am is only 36F.  

Anyway, I am going to continue with my Alaska adventure since I am almost done.  After Sitka we had a day at sea sailing down the coast of British Columbia and our last port of call was Victoria.  This is the capitol of BC and on Vancouver Island.  Vancouver Island is one of my favourite places to travel.  We visited here quite a few summers as my folks would travel there for a month and we would drive out and spend a week or two there.  We had nothing planned for here and just took the shuttle into the city center.  It is down by the harbor, the Parliament buildings, The Empress Hotel.  This area hasn't changed much since we were last there.  Still extremely busy.  And it was a magnificent day for the end of our voyage.

 It was a foggy morning sailing into Victoria.

 The skyline of Victoria.  The Empress and Parliament buildings are on the right
 The Empress Hotel.  This was built by Canadian Pacific from 1903-1908.  You certainly can have High Tea here.  And adds to the very British charm of this city. 

 Below are the Parliament buildings and the Inner Harbor.

 This city is well know for its flowers.  And where the famous Butchart gardens are located

We stopped for a glass of wine and beer and watch the traffic go by.
 You can take a ride in one of these

 Or watch some street performers!
 All in all in was a terrific trip.  I would recommend it highly.  And I am sure we will return to Alaska.  It is one of our favourite travel destinations. 


Lisa said...

Absolutely gorgeous city!! The flowers are beautiful!! Ugh - snow already?? We are under a tornado watch until late, with strong storms expected. Hopefully no snow!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Nat said...

yep Calgary Alberta got it good! More beautiful photos, such a wonderful adventure you were on!! :)

Tracy said...

We took a family trip to Victoria as well, loved it.
Just kiddy corner to the parliament building is the Wax museum. The girls loved it..especially the creepy part of the wax museum ;)

Laurie Unger said...

I haven't been up to Victoria in ages! Great photo's!

Tracey said...

I would love to go to Victoria...maybe a side trip next time we are on our way to Canada. Great photos!