Friday, September 5, 2014

Stuck in a Rut

My blog has been neglected this past week.  I was just working way too much and so exhausted when I got home.  And I have just spent the last few days getting back on my feet.  And work has continue to ask me to work because it is crazy busy.
But this girl is home.
And I want to spend the time with her!!!  But I will post a couple of photos of Hubbard Glacier, which is next on my Alaska trip.  It was another grey, drizzly day, which makes for great blues in the ice of my photos.  Hubbard Glacier is at the end of Yakutat Bay.  And this is on the coast between Anchorage and Juneau. 

 We sailed pretty close to the shore to look for bears, but we didn't see any. 

 We saw lots of ice, though!

 The Hubbard Glacier.

 And the glacier was calving, which means large chunks of ice were falling off into the water.  You can hear it cracking before it falls off.  Kind of spooky!!!!

And that was our day at Hubbard Glacier. 


Lisa said...

Wow, the glacier is amazing!! Your pictures are gorgeous!! I hope things slow down and you are able to rest and relax!! Have a great weekend :)

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Susanne said...

Those are some really cool photos - no pun intended. And you are one of the most consistent bloggers I know, so don't sweat being too busy to blog from time to time.

Tracy said...

Stunning photos of the glacier.
So happy your baby girl is home, enjoy your time with her :)

Tracey said...

Wow, how amazing are the glacier pics...I can only imagine how beautiful this is in real life. To hear the sounds of it day I hope to visit? I know what you mean about time, my blog and commenting has been neglected, I've been busy with Holiday pics and Project life. Have a great week!