Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Today, it is Curtis' stepmum's birthday!!!  She is 80, so that is a real celebration!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Sarah!!  Hope you have a wonderful day and are spoiled like a queen!

Pictures from last summer when they took a road trip and stopped at our place for a couple of days. 

After not working a 12 hour shift for 52 days, I headed back yesterday.  What a shock to the old system.  It was busy, but I kept up and got out of the unit on time.  I am tired today and hopefully will head back tomorrow.  The most hours I have gotten in quite a while.  Makes me happy, since it would be nice to have a little spending cash when we head to Hawaii in about 3 weeks. 
Not doing much today.  But will get the laundry done and put away! 
And it looks like a beaut of a day out there. 

Have to post an old, old photo.  My sister is currently on a cruise of Norway.  She wanted to see the Northern Lights.  I told her she just should come to MT.  Curtis and Kirsten went out to view them last light. 
This is the photos Curtis took. 
My sister posted a photo of being at Nordcap, the northern most point in Europe
 The photo jogged my memory and I had to get down to the basement and hunt through a photo book or two.  See I was there almost 35 years ago, when I quit work and traveled through Europe for 6 months. 


Lisa said...

Happy birthday to Sarah!! All of the photos are beautiful!! I especially love the Northern Lights - wow!! I'd love to see that some day!! Have a great evening :)

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Kimberly Kett said...

Happy 80th Birthday Sarah!

More great photo's :)

Tracey said...

Wonderful photos funny these photos bring back memories for me too! I was there 32 years ago..think I have a similar photo.

cait! said...

I would love if you would upload more of these photos! Maybe some of you in Salzburg. c: