Sunday, March 8, 2015

What a Glorious Day!

Remind me again, what month we are in? We should be buried in snow and still pretty cold.
Oh, no! It is springtime in Montana! Not sure for how long. But we will enjoy it. And get out and take advantage of this abnormal warmth and sunshine. I cleaned the leaves out of a corner of our yard and the window wells. I cut back all the saplings on the trees. And Nic was here and he helped me pick up some pine cones and pine needles. Nic came here so his mum could run some errands. Harlee and Cooper came with Kirsten to pick him up.

We had Cooper outside for awhile. And boy, does this little guy love being outside. He wailed when he had to come back in when it was time to go.

Between the time change, not being able to sleep last night and working outside, I came in and took a much needed nap. No time for creating today! Although I did start a layout in the middle of the night!

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Lisa said...

What sweet pictures!! He's adorable!! It's warming up here and the snow is melting but it's still covering the ground. I'm ready for it to be completely gone!! Have a great day :)

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Tracy said...

I love to see the little one outside playing in the fresh air.
We had a warm day today +5c.
We even had a sprinkle of rain…hopefully our snow piles will be melting soon :)

Kimberly Kett said...

Adorable! Brings me back to when my boys were little!

Susanne said...

What double joy - sunshine and a happy little playmate!