Friday, August 7, 2015

A Trip to the Mountains!

Yesterday, Caitlin and Harlee took a trip to the mountains.  Caitlin wanted to check out an old Girl Scout camp.  It is located on a ranch up on the Rocky Mountain front!!!  Such an awesome location!!!  The Girl Scouts used to lease it from the Cobb Ranch for $1.  But the camp required some updating and for some reason, unknown to us, they let it go rather than search out funds to help do the repairs.  This would be an awesome destination site for girls that would love to experience primitive camping.  My girls spent many a week at this camp site and loved every minute of it.  It is truly in God's country!!  Since Caitlin was home for the week, she wanted to take Harlee up here to check it out.  She called the owners and made plans for their adventure.  Here are a few photos that came back on my camera.

 The one lonely camper cabin.
 The adirondack cabins, where the leaders would stay.  There is one side open.  Up in the hills.

Toots at the old site of many a campfire.

You can see the base camp down below, where the chow hall was.

Welcome to Scoutana!

Where they stopped for a little lunch at Nilan resevoir.

And I kept busy at home baking a chocolate zucchini  cake that was requested from both Toots and her auntie.  I took half the cake to Toots' family.
Also got the grass mowed.  And did some scrapping later in the day.
It's been a busy week.  Today Cait and I canned stewed tomatoes.  And the house smells so good.  Good thing it cooled off a little the last couple of days. 


Lisa said...

Such a shame that it's no longer a camp. The pictures are beautiful!! And yum - I love the sound of a chocolate zucchini cake!! Have a great weekend :)

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Tracey said...

Hey Leslee.....So excited, March 5th is penciled in! It is so much fun meeting friends in blog land!
I really enjoy the pictures....what beautiful scenery. Your layout looks great, love the title! Chocolate zucchini cake sounds yummy...Have a great week :)

SixftPixy/Coleen Browning said...

What great photos! I finally got my "lists" on my laptop cleaned up, and found you there! Will check in more often! Love the layout, love the smiles!!

Tracy said...

It is sad to see a place like this got to waste :(
Such a beautiful country you live in.