Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Vacation is Over

for these two.  Back to the grind today!!!
It will take a day or two for this little guy to figure out what is going on.  I am sure he will be missing the bigs.  I bet he wants to get on the bus with his brother.
It has been open houses the past couple of days.  Monday evening Harlee had hers and I watched the boys.
Yesterday afternoon, it was Nic's turn.  So Harlee and Cooper were here. 
I can't believe the summer flew by.  Thank goodness we were able to fit a few things in.  They went to Yellowstone.  They had a weekend of camping.  They had a round of swimming lessons.  And a few other things too. 
Pictures are from our family photo shoot and thanks to Becca for spending some time with us. 
It is still super hazy and smokey out.  Ran Curtis to the airport early, as he has a run to Calgary with Avis today.  I did go walking yesterday, but am passing today with the bad air.  Another fire started yesterday close to where Cait and Harlee went for their hike earlier this month. 

One little layout.  Working on a couple of things, I hopefully will show shortly. 


Lisa said...

What absolutely beautiful photos!! They are so adorable!! And a fabulous layout, too!! I hate that another fire broke out...I hope they are able to contain it soon. Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

Such beautiful photos of your grandkids and you.
Another awesome layout!!

SixftPixy/Coleen Browning said...

The Grandbabies are growing up so fast! Your layouts are always so inspiring! Wishing you & the family a terrific weekend! Praying for relief from the smoke!

Tracey said...

The photo are gorgeous.....super cute grand kids you have. Really pretty layout, love the photo!