Thursday, August 13, 2015

Family Photos

Last week was a whirlwind for me.  Cait and I canned down raspberry jam, peach jam and stewed tomatoes. 
But I wanted to get some family photos and we were able to make this happen.  A granddaughter of a family friend is a great photographer for being 15 and I let her capture our family.  We haven't had family photos for about 5 years.  And since then we have added one more to our family.  We needed some photos with Cooper. 
Even after an overcast and rainy day the weather cleared for us to let this happen. 
In all the business of our crazy lives it is important to document our families!!!

 Worked a shift in the NICU yesterday.  It was busy! And I am tired today.  Curtis just left on a drive for Avis to Bozeman.  And it is supposed to get to around 100F today.  I am staying in my AC where it is somewhat comfortable. 


Lisa said...

What fabulous family photos!! The photographer did an amazing job...I can't believe she's 15!! You have a beautiful family!! Have a great evening :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracey said...

Oh Leslee, I absolutely love the family photos, you all look great !