Thursday, December 3, 2015


I think I may be getting back in the land of the living.  I think Harlee is too.  She finally completed a full day of school. 
Curtis and I have had Cooper the last couple of days.  And I picked up Harlee yesterday around 10am.  She has had a lot of congestion in her head and it has given her a headache.  I know the feeling.  Sudafed works wonders and I went and got her some when I picked her up from school.
Otherwise I haven't left the house since the weekend.  Finally broke down and got to the grocery store today. 
And it is melting out today with temps going into the 40's.  Should be fun when it freezes up tonight. 
Most of my decorations are up and Harlee helped my get the tree decorated. 
 And days 2 & 3 of my Dec. daily.  Getting it all done as the month goes, I will mainly have to add photos I have taken. 
 Day 2 is about Elfie returning to the grandkids house from the North Pole.  Behind the tag on the L. lower corner is journaling from conversations Harlee and I have had.
So many red things during Christmas and the meaning of red.  The cutout merry is on a vellum insert. 

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Lisa said...

What a beautiful picture of Harlee!! She looks so pretty in front of the tree!! Your book pages are gorgeous!! I'm glad you are feeling better!! Have a great evening :)

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