Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let's Play a Little Catch Up

It's been a great few days of celebration with my family.  The only hitch was Caitlin being sick.  She caught herself a goodie, but seems to be on the mend with a little TLC, rest and some good antibiotics.
Christmas Eve the crock pot and the fondue pot came out for a festive meal 

Why get this guy toys.  He loves boxes!

The aftermath!!!  Looks like a tornado went through.  I did have to vacuum after Kirsten and her crew left for a while.
Cooper crashed after dinner on Christmas and I think this is how we all feel after the holidays. 
Boxing Day, Cait and I went out for a couple of bargains.  I always get my Christmas crackers for the next year when they are on sale. 
The 27th Curtis and I celebrated 31 years of being married.  No big celebration this year. 
Sunday I had tried to get me some new athletic shoes and where I went was so busy  and no one wanted to wait on me, I just left.
So yesterday, Cait and I headed out again.  I found me an awesome pair of shoes with no laces I have to tie.  Makes them so safe.  An awesome deal on a new pair of boots.  We do need these this year and it has been snowing again.  I got a new pair of jeans on sale and a couple of tops.  All set for my big trip!
Obviously there has been no time for crafting.  Maybe come the New Year!

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Tracy said...

Happy 31st Anniversary to you and your sweet husband :)
If I remember correctly, wasn't Caitlin ill last Christmas as well :( Thats not fun…hope she is feeling better.