Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Let it Snow!!

That was yesterdays motto as it snowed away as I continued on my baking blitz!  Yesterday was sugar cookies and shortbreads.  And to cut up and box a couple containers of bars I made. 
Toots showed up after school to help decorate the sugar cookies. 
At the 5pm news they said we had 7.2 inches and it continued to snow throughout the evening.  And they were predicting 1-3, so that stormed fooled them.  It moved a little further north then they anticipated. 
This little guy visited my backyard yesterday.
And today has dawned bright and sunny.
As you can imagine, when I am in the baking mode for Christmas there is very little other creating done.  But I did manage to make a couple of cards while cleaning up my space the other day. 

 And this will be day 7 in my Dec. daily
Need to get some things wrapped up early and on there way out of state and out of the country. 


Lisa said...

Both of your cards are so gorgeous!! I love the scene you've created on the first one!! The embossing on Santa is fabulous on the second!! Oh my gosh, so much snow...I shudder just looking at it!! Enjoy your baking blitz!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

So sweet of Harlee to come and help you with your baking <3
So much to do and you fit in a couple of cards and some pages in your DD…are you super woman?
Lots of snow here as well…not sure how many inches…but enough that we had to shovel a few times today.

Tracey said...

Really pretty cards Leslee, love the Santa....he will look great in your Dec daily! Super sweet photo Harlee!