Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December has arrived!!

I love December if I can just take time to enjoy it and take it all in.  The sights, the smells, the music.  It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Still under the weather and I had to go and pick up Harlee after lunch today.  She had a headache and her head is so full of goop.  I don't think she can get rid of it.

I brought up the ornaments for the tree and Harlee helped put on a few before her dad came to get her.  Not sure I am up to the rest this evening.  But the Coop will be here in the morning to watch.  Never a dull moment with him around.

He was so funny last evening.  I have LED candles run with batteries.  The safest while I have the kids around.  I turned one on and soon it was very dim, cause they were last years batteries.  And he noticed and brought it too me and I told him to take it to papa to fix.  Pretty soon they had it working again and brought it back.  He doesn't miss a trick.  And still with very limited vocabulary, but he can identify letters of the alphabet.  Crazy, right?

Elfie arrived at the Grandkids house today.  Harlee was telling me about him the other day.  Because he is not an Elf on the Shelf she believes he is real!!! Those Elf on a Shelf are just toys she tells me.  Her and her friend at school were having quite a conversation I think.  And she was telling me she was watching for him to arrived since she got up this morning.  Her dad somehow got the box out the door without them seeing and rand the doorbell.  This is a big tradition for them.  Not sure what Cooper thinks of him yet!!

This is my December Daily for this year.  It is a Simple Stories 6X8album all decked out and ready to go. 

And this is the inside cover. 


Tracy said...

Love how you did your DD this year :)
That is a cute elf…but that elf on the shelf, he kind of freaks me out, lol.

Lisa said...

What sweet pictures of the kids!! Elfie is so adorable!! How cute she thinks he's real :) And what a beautiful album!! I love the Hello December on the inside!! Feel better soon :)

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