Friday, July 29, 2016

Deck Staining!

We have 3 good sized deck out back!  And boy did they need restaining!  Over the 4th weekend we went and bought the stain.  A couple of weeks ago I got the two smaller ones don.  And between weather and working and having Curtis available  the remainder didn'thappen.  I decided this week it was going to happen.  So while I was out mowing yesterday morning Curtis got out there and cleaned and power sprayed it down.  So, I was out there early this morning before it gets too hot!

All finished for another couple of years!  One project I can check off the to do list!  

Yesterday went out for lunch with a couple of great friends and it was nice to catch up!

I was out snapping some flower shots the other morning!

No time in my life for scrapping right now!  Makes me sad!  Days just aren't long enough!


Susanne said...

Yay for another thing checked off the list. We don't have decks, but we've been putting off resealing the screened porch concrete floor for far too long. Now I will remind hubby again. Don't fret though - I won't share what reminded me.

Tracey said...

What a difference the stain makes...looks great! Gorgeous flowers, Yep never enough hours in the day. LOOk forward to seeing a layout soon. Enjoy your weekend Leslee :)