Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday is a Goner!

These days keep whizzing right by!!!  Not sure where my days go, but there are never enough hours in my day.
Got Curtis off on the motorcycle up to visit family in the Flathead.
I headed out to pay off some bills.  The plumber that put in the new hot water would give a discount if you paid cash.  I thought a check would be as good as cash.  On, no!  It got returned!  So I headed to the bank for some cash and ran to their office.  A discount is a few $$$ in my pocket.  
Kirsten's kids had their well checks today and she asked me to go with her to keep them all in tow. Cooper wouldn't get on the scale or let them take his blood pressure.  And Nic went into orbit when they tried to take a build up of wax out of his ear.  We all survived!  And headed off for an ice cream treat.  
Cleaned up the scrap room so I can tackle a new project.
No more deck staining as yet this week.  After working Tuesday and finishing up with swim lessons.  I can only hope to be more productive next week!  Maybe the weather will co-operate too!

Look at this lovely who visited my garden.  I saw two out back when deck staining ladt week. 
A layout of the full moon during our down under cruise.


Tracey said...

I can never find enough hours in the day either. Glad you survived the doctors visit...oh my gosh does your post bring back memories :)
Beautiful butterfly and such a pretty layout....the colours are perfect, they really complement the gorgeous photo. Its nearly the weekend...Enjoy :)

Lisa said...

Oh, the butterfly is so gorgeous!! I love the colors!! Your layout is so beautiful!! I don't know where the days go either. I can't believe July is almost over. Christmas will be here before we know it!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

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