Tuesday, July 5, 2016


In more than one way around here this weekend!  
Pretty quiet around here this weekend letting Curtis start to feel better.  He's still hacking, but much less!
More confused than ever now today is Tuesday, after yesterday being a holiday!
It was hot to start the holiday weekend and I escaped to my hidey hole to sew.  It is cool in the basement and frigid once the ac comes on! 
I completed one project and sewed together one table runner!
One last trip to the basement for the day proved my undoing when I noticed water on the floor!  Not a good sign.  I opened the doors where our hot water heater and furnace are and there was quite a bit of water!  Eek......  Not what you want to see on Sat. Night of a long weekend.  Curtis and I got it mopped up and rechecked in the morning.  At which point there was a small wet spot near the hot water heater.  We figured it was probably just leaking and could wait until tomorrow.  The plummer comes in the morning and with him a pricey bill!  
I went and picked up some fresh fruit and veggies that had been trucked in from Oregon and set to making a batch of raspberry jam.

Kirsten and Tim and the kids arrived for a 4th of July BBQ lunch.  Put some hot dogs on the grill.  Easy peasy.  And as I was cleaning up, this terrific noise came from outside.  It was pretty windy out and the umbrella tried to blow away with the outdoor table , which then smashed in a million pieces.  Poor Nic was having a meltdown. And what a mess to clean up!  At that point I was just praying nothingelse would  happen!  I was in such shock I didn't even take a photo or two.
Last night Curtis and I headed down to the river to watch the fireworks.  Oh, my gosh it was so windy and rather cool as I was bundled up in my polar fleece jacket and I blanket.  But it was a great show.

Today started early.  I was across the road for pectin and more jam jars!  Swimming lessons were at 10. Made more jam and then we took the big kids to the movie.  Tuesday it only costs $5.  We went to see Finding Dory.  Pretty good flick and the kids enjoyed it.  Loved the octopus after being to the Seattle aquarium.
  • Finding Dory - Theatrical header - animated

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Lisa said...

Your sewing projects look amazing!! What beautiful fabrics!! The jam looks so delicious!! And what awesome shots of the fireworks!! Beautiful!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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