Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

Not something I celebrate around here. But Harlee got to celebrate this at preschool yesterday and was full of it when I picked her up. She got to wear her PJ's to school. They had green eggs and ham served for hot lunch, which she chose not to partake in. No way on the green eggs. They got to watch the Cat in the Hat movies, served with popcorn. She says to me-that cat in the hat is really naughty and so are Thing 1 and 2. Then Cait wanted to know if Thing 1 was Nic. Actually, that sounds about right. And she got to bring home a Dr. Seuss book to read. A fun day for them. Me, I got to play ward secretary at work yesterday. Ours is on vacation and I offered to fill in, so she wouldn't feel guilty about going away. Kind of stressful for me. I have a lot more appreciation for her job now. She won't be easily replaced some day. Hopefully I didn't leave things in too much mess for the evening gal coming on. Curtis got home from Missoula. And we will be watching the grandkids for a while today.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


cait said...

You and the good doctor almost have the same birthday mum!

Tracy said...

Sounds like Harlee had a fun day, you not so much ;)
I think I am one of the only people on earth that didn't like the Dr Seuss books, lol.

perlyfam said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! It's a big deal to kiddos. I even got to wear PJs to school to celebrate this week.