Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Such Cheesy Smiles

Got the camera out last weekend when the grand kids were here. They sure can say CHEESE for the camera!


My last day as unit secretary just about put me over the edge. From having new name bands to deal with, to putting in very unfamiliar orders into the computer,
to wearing 2 hats and doing nursing stuff too. Very over whelming!!! But I survived.
Off for a couple of days and need to get organized and packed for our trip to Hawaii. I can hear those palm trees calling my name.

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cait said...

I had a dream last night that Dad got invited to some sort of course on farming so he couldn't go to Hawaii so you had to take me instead. It was grrrreat!

Can't wait to see you! <3

cait said...
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Dad {!-{> said...

Cait, if you think I am going to take a farming course, you are in worse shape than I thought, partially delirious, and should probably be in a hospital somewhere!!! {!-{P

Tracy said...

I envy you so much on your Hawaii trip.
Take as many pictures of these little cuties, because once they hit the teens they run from the camera, lol.
I have to chuckle at Caits comment, but have to laugh at your hubbys response, lol.