Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Bags are Packed

And we're ready to go.

Actually we are out the door and on the road to the coast.
Good roads all the way to Spokane although we did drive through rain and snow over some of the passes in Idaho.
Had late lunch/early dinner at Frank's Diner in Spokane - one of Curtis' favourite spots.
I slept quite a bit on the way to Missoula this morning- i think I am totally exhausted from all the hours I worked, plus the time change.
I really can hear those tropical breezes of Hawaii calling me.
Paradise ---- Here we come!!!!!!!

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

So excited for you two :)
I slept most of the drive home as well. Plus it was raining and I love the sound of rain hitting the roof :)
I mailed out your parcel today, you will have a long wait to see it, lol.
Funny as I mailed it in the States so it would get there sooner, lol.