Saturday, March 24, 2012


Friday is the day we decided to head to Waikiki----lots of big buildings, too much traffic and lots of people since it is Spring Break for many kids.
Curtis visited the Hawaii Railway Society and wandered around the lot for a bit. The train was out since some school kids had gone on a little ride. it usually only runs on Sundays. I got to visit a stamp store and get some rubber stamps with a Hawaiian theme. We headed over to Hard Rock as Curtis has a friend who asked if we would get a T shirt from there. We also ate some lunch there. Then a drive along the beach-- no parking spots in sight.

Banyon tree

Our lunch

Surfers at the beach

Surf boards at the beach

Waikiki beach

Surfer dude

Surfers catching the waves

Sunset at KoOlina

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perlyfam said...

I looks so sunny and warm! Enjoy!!

Tracy said...

I am living vicariously through you right now, lol.
Awesome photos.
Can't wait to see you put those new stamps to use when you get home :)